It's the "start" that is important!

    I am so excited to be starting so many new adventures in my life! I have recently launched my LoopyChicCrochet website, my LoopyChicCrocetBlog and my Newsletter! I love crocheting items and writing patterns, but I'm also a teacher, at heart. That is why I started my blog. My goal is to teach others to crochet something special for someone they love. I will take you through the very basics to start you on your creative path, and work up to reading a pattern and creating something. You've heard of sing-alongs, right? My blog is like that, but with crochet...a crochet-along! 

Now for the follow through!

    If you don't have the time or the interest in learning to crochet, that's ok.  In my shop, you can find my finished products, simply buy and enjoy! This is perfect for someone that doesn't crochet, or maybe you do but don't have time to create that hat or scarf. Click here to visit my shop...I have hats, messy Bun Beanies, scarves, fingerless gloves, boot cuffs, baby blankets...and they are all done and ready to ship!

     If you have been thinking about learning to crochet, but need a patient teacher who will break it down and answer questions...I'm your girl! That's what I'm doing now in my blog! I'm starting at the very beginning, how to read yarn labels, choosing yarn for your project and the differences in crochet hooks. From here, I will talk about how to hold your hook and completing 2 basic stitches...and so on. If you want to learn to crochet and have me by your here and follow my blog!

     If you are like me and love coupons, sales and should subscribe to my Newsletter! No spam, because no one likes that...just me typing up something special for you, and sending you coupons so you can grab what you want from my shop, guilt free! Click here to subscribe to my Newsletter

And don't forget social media...I'm nearly everywhere!

     You can follow me on my shop's Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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     I look forward to seeing you!