Mom crocheting to fund daughter's college education!

I'm a 40 year old stay-at-home mom, crocheting to earn money for my 17 year old daughter's college education. I first tried to learn how to crochet when I was pregnant with my daughter...I thought it would be nice to be that nesting mother, making pies and singing songs during bath time. Ha! That wasn't reality and I just got so busy once I became a mom that I never really learned more than how to make a scarf (kind of). I decided to try again once she went to Kindergarten and again sometime later. It was so frustrating trying to learn from still pictures and text in a book.

Then the internet and online tutorials came around and I decided to try again...and FINALLY! I got it! I started small with some scarves and small projects and the more patterns I learned, the more I truly understood the math and concepts behind crocheting and following patterns. I started writing my own patterns and making things for my friends and family. Once I had handed out numerous free items, I decided to start selling my items online and putting the profits into my daughter's college account.

Now, I am an established etsy shop owner, a local saleswoman...making and delivering my items to my local small business supporters, and a mother more at ease knowing that I am doing my best to contribute to my daughter's educational future! Most days, I jump out of bed because I'm so excited I get to create something unique and special, and someone else is going to enjoy it! I am truly blessed and I'm reminded of it every second I'm crocheting!

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